How much sleep do I need?

Remember, we spend about a third of our life while sleeping. It is an essential part of our lives, it is very important to complete our circadian rhythm. And most importantly, it a basic human requirement.

A quality sleep directly affect your mental and physical health. If you’re getting enough sleep, you will perform all aspects of your daily life perfectly. Sleeping is important in all aspects of your life. Whether it is your studies, job, and business, even your walking, speaking, whatever.

Sleeping plays a huge role, it allows your brain to think creatively, it allows your body to work fluently, it allows your organs to work properly and allows your hormones to fight against diseases and it would be great if you use best pillow for side sleepers for getting good dreams.

And in the fast-moving world, when people use to have a very busy schedule. It is very important to sleep enough. If you want your body and brain to meet the demand of this hectic world, they require proper rest. And sleep is what gives them time to recover.

When you’re sleeping, it allows your brain to check all the functions taking place in your body, it allows your body to recover from yesterday’s fatigue, it allow your body to grow.

So, keep in mind, a sleepless body and brain won’t do any good for you. Neither you will be able to work properly, nor will you be able to survive.

According to research, there is no fix hours of sleeping for humans. The duration changes from groups to groups. A newborn baby requires a sleep of 14-17 hours per day. While a child requires 11-14 hours. And as for adults or the majority of the people requires a sleep of 7-8 hours every day.

What if I don’t get enough sleep?

Well, if you’re getting enough sleep, the consequences will be very harsh. As mention earlier sleeping is a part of our biological clock. And if you’re not getting enough of that all other aspects of your life will be disturb.

Not getting enough sleep will disturb your body, your mind, and all of your everyday routine. You will not be able to eat properly, you will find it hard to work or study, and in the worst case possible, your mind will stop responding fluently.

What if I sleep too much?

Life is the name of check and balance, neither less is good for you, nor extra. In both cases, the results will be bad.

Sleeping too much is ok for one or two days, but if you have made a habit of sleeping more than nine hours then you’re going in a  wrong direct my friend.

Sleeping too much can cause you some serious health issues like diabetes, heart problems, and overweight, and mental health issues like anxiety or depression.

Most importantly it will ruin your whole day. Whether it is your eating habits, working habits or anything else. In short, sleeping too much will disturb your circadian rhythm.

What if I sleep 3-4 hours only?

Sleeping for 3-4 hours for a few days or a few weeks is ok. Your body can survive harsh conditions. But, making it a habit is not good. Means you can’t do it regularly. And if you do so, you will eventually observe changes in your body and mind. Your body will start to get weaker, your mind will lose its sharpness. And in the end, you won’t be able to work for a longer period.



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