What is the salary of Civil Engineering?

What is the salary of Civil Engineering?

What is the salary of Civil Engineering?
Do you know what the Civil Engineering salary is? Know the average salary of this profession and how is the job market!


Civil Engineering is among the highest paid professions in Brazil, with salaries that can exceed R $ 45 thousand per month. It is the engineering branch responsible for all types of works, such as the construction of houses, roads, buildings, ports, dams, bridges, platforms, shopping malls, tunnels and viaducts.

Although the swings in the economy may affect the expansion of civil construction in the country, Brazilian civil engineers continue to receive high wages.

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Know all the salaries of Civil Engineering career and the most promising areas for those who want to follow this profession!

Minimum Professional Civil Engineering Salary
Law 4,950 / A of April 22, 1966 establishes criteria for the journey and remuneration of all Engineering, Architecture and Agronomy professionals.

Civil engineers therefore have a minimum professional salary defined by law, valid throughout the country. This salary is linked to the current minimum wage and varies according to the daily work day.

6-hour day: 6 minimum wages
7-hour day: 7.25 minimum wages
8-hour day: 8.5 minimum wages
Average Civil Engineering Salary
In Brazil, the average salary of Civil Engineering is R $ 6,839, according to the Guide of Professions and Salaries of Catho.

The same guide also points out the differences between the salaries of civil engineering professionals in the country:

Highest salary: R $ 11,074
Lowest salary: R $ 3,620
The areas that pay the best salaries for civil engineers are as follows:

Mining: average of R $ 8,031
Industrial Equipment: average of R $ 7,220
Construction: average of R $ 7,089
Consulting: average of R $ 6,908
The good news is that this average is very similar across Brazil, that is, civil engineers do not have to resort to large urban centers to earn good wages – which only increases the advantages of the profession. Here are some examples of these salary averages for the country:

Alagoas: R $ 6,741
Amazon: R $ 6,840
Bahia: R $ 6,476
Federal District: R $ 6,733
Goiás: R $ 6,794
Rio de Janeiro: R $ 7,074
Rio Grande do Sul: R $ 6,166
São Paulo: R $ 6,624
In industry, wages follow a similar average, with higher values for experienced professionals:

Junior Civil Engineer (newly formed)

Minimum: R $ 3,863
Average salary: R $ 5,370
Maximum: R $ 6,972
Civil Engineer Full

Minimum: R $ 5,264
Average salary: R $ 7,063
Maximum: R $ 13,654
Senior Civil Engineer

Minimum: R $ 9,799
Average salary: R $ 13,016
Maximum: R $ 16,589
Good Civil Engineering professionals are so fierce in Brazil that even before graduating from university, students already find good opportunities in internships and trainee programs.

Internship in Civil Engineering: average of R $ 1,214
Trainee in Civil Engineering: average of R $ 3,691
In the largest companies in the Brazilian branch, the initial salaries are in the range of R $ 8,000, and may exceed R $ 14,000.

Best Opportunities in Civil Engineering
The best Civil Engineering salaries are in the top management positions in large companies.

A recent survey by Michael Page, an executive recruitment company, found that the value of civil engineers’ salaries in senior management positions in Brazil far exceeds those received by the same professionals in more developed countries (such as Canada, France and Germany ). Because these are international research, the values are in United States dollars (US $) and show the annual remuneration:

Director of Operations: from US $ 161,000 to US $ 168,000
Construction Manager: US $ 115,000 to US $ 120,000
Construction Director: from US $ 154,000 to US $ 216,000
Contracts Manager: from US $ 96,000 to US $ 120,000
Director of Contracts: from US $ 144,000 to US $ 216,000
Project Manager: US $ 96,000 to US $ 106,000
Director of Projects: from US $ 120,000 to US $ 144,000
Planning Manager: $ 82,000 to $ 91,000
Director of Planning: from US $ 115,000 to US $ 144,000
A second survey, conducted by consulting firm Robert Half and published by Exame magazine, also shows the salary of civil engineers involved in top management positions. Here the values are in Reais and represent monthly gains:

Operations Director: between R $ 18,000 and R $ 45,000
Project Manager or Contracts: between R $ 5,000 and R $ 35,000
Production Manager: between R $ 5,000 and R $ 22,000
Planning: between R $ 4,500 and R $ 12,000
Public Competitions for Civil Engineering Professionals
Public tenders for Civil Engineering professionals are abundant and offer the most varied salaries. It is possible to find vacancies ranging from R $ 2,300 to almost R $ 12,000.

Below are some examples from recent public tenders in Brazil:

Caixa Econômica Federal: R $ 11,274
Public Prosecutor’s Office of Rio Grande do Sul: R $ 9,897

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